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 #4219  by HLewis
 Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:59 pm
**My story is being told from the point of view of an omniscient narrator**
Hunter "Louie" Lewis was born near a major city in North Carolina and raised on a farm, by the time he graduated highschool he had became an eagle scout and been in JROTC for 4 years and was heading into the army to be an Infantryman. He served his time, hoping to get out to become a cop but after a few years was chosen to be one of the few soldiers that joined the marines in the deployment to Chernarus so they could be ready in case the US has to further intervene in the Chernarussian war. However the deployment was very lax and so during one of the 4 day weekends he got he traveled to explore around what the locals called the "Devils Castle" and while he was exploring around the castle ground he stumbled upon a sword which was stuck in the stone of a old staircase "What the fuck?!" he said "What is this, King Arthurs fairytales?" But he still grasped the sword by the handle and pulled it out with very little force, little did he know that this would be the moment that everything changed.
As he heard the loud explosion above him he quickly turned around and saw a US helicopter spinning out of control before crashing in the open field in the front of the castle. Thinking that the war had reached the castle, he quickly ran out of the ruins and back to where the bus was that he had rode there, however before he reached the bus he saw a crowd of the strangest acting people he has ever seen, blocking his way to the bus. He stood and watched for a second before all of a sudden gunshots rang out by the helicopter crash as he saw US Marines shooting what looked to be other US Soldiers, but the soldiers didn't even react to the bullets and kept running towards the gunfire. He looked back to the crowd of people by the bus when all of a sudden someone came out of the cabin nearby and shouted at them "What is going on out here?" then the crowd turned and sprinted towards the woman, jumping on her and what looked like...eating her. Hunter was obviously startled by this and thought "I need to get back to base, NOW." He knew the bus was a no go so he started heading back towards the airfield. About halfway through his trudge through the woods he saw some people with guns and thought "Maybe they could be of help" so he called out to them and they started approaching each other. "Hey, I was hoping you could hel-" Hunter said before being cut off by the lead man who spoke in a thick Scottish accent "Get the fuck on the ground, NOW!" He said as him and his men were pointing their guns at Hunter. "Holy shit" Hunter thought, but he did as they asked. They approached him and searched his pockets and his small backpack he has carried with him before seeing the sword he had been keeping on this back. "Oh would ye look 'ere?" They said as they took the sword off his back "We got a feckin'-" He was cut off by a gunshot from behind and then Hunter watched as the man fell face first next to him with a bullet in the back of his head. The other 2 members of his team turned around and fired, unsure where the fire was coming from but before they could get to cover they were both eliminated. Hunter stood there, wondering if he would be the next one to get killed before he saw the man emerge from the bushes across a small field and approach him with his weapon on his back "They trying to hurt ya?" The man said. Hunter replied "Look man, I don't even know what the fuck is going on right now...people eating each other and-" He got cut off by his savior, a tall man looking to be in his 40's with a Black cowboy hat and a star on his chest. "Don't you worry son, ill be able to explain it all to you in a more...suitable location." They took what they could salvage from the bandits - including his sword - and headed off to a log cabin about a mile down the road before stopping and making a fire inside, as they sat around the fire, finally able to relax, Hunter asked "So, you never told me your name mister" the man replied "Well they call me...The Marshal"
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 #4226  by WrknClssHero
 Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:47 pm
Wow ! Deputy, your story made me smile. It sounds very much like you, and I honestly didn't see the end coming the way it did ! I hope we get to see the "to be continued" very soon. Perhaps you can somehow write the Svetlojarsk Green Zone into it a little. Keep the story yours Deputy and keep it close to the chest. Well Done sir !
 #4231  by HLewis
 Wed Oct 21, 2015 1:15 pm
"Fuck that hurts" Hunter says as he is getting stitched up by a fellow Deputy, It had been a couple months since the outbreak and he had fought off his fair share of bandits and cannibals, which are the real threat in this land we now live in. Somehow this was the first time Hunter had ever been injured during his time here, although he had come close to death many a time. Now he had become a Deputy within the Marshals, sworn to protect his fellow deputies and the good people now surviving within this now cruel land of Chernarus. He had noticed something over his time with the marshals, that sword which he still carried on his was almost attached to him. Besides his first encounter with the bandits, he had been knocked out by a crazy cannibal while traveling the land but next thing he knew, he woke up and he had been stripped naked, beaten, and bleeding with a massive headache, but there was blood everywhere, in places that looked like it couldn't be his so he followed a trail of blood that went down the road, and upon entering a building found his presumed assailant dead, clutching his sword to his chest. It was at this moment Hunter realized that maybe there was something strange about this weapon, that everyone who tried to take it from him ended up dead and the sword always ended up back in his hands.
"Hunter! you there?" He heard as he was shaken back into consciousness by the Deputy that had been stitching him up. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine just had a little dream...I just think I need some fresh air" Hunter said as he stood up and limped his way outside. "What in the world have I gotten myself into" He thought as he stared into the forest grasping his sword and thinking about everything that had happened in the past few months. His thoughts were promptly interrupted by The Marshal walking in and exclaiming "I hear there is a group trying to set up a trading zone in Svetlojarsk and they want our help to protect it, we leave for there tomorrow morning."
To be continued...
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 #4238  by HLewis
 Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:06 am
"God damn Marshal, you said we'd be traveling to this town but you forgot to mention its a fuckin' long ass walk..." Hunter complained as they were trekking through the woods heading towards Svetlojarsk. "Yeah yeah, quit your complaining Deputy, were almost there." Marshal said before following it with some quote from the bible that he must've thought was witty. The duo continued trudging through the woods before the silence was broken by a radio transmission "Hey Marshal, its Bat (The nickname for Deputy Masterson) I have made it to Svet and I have bad news...I hear a firefight, if you guys could head over here we can investigate, ill just stay here for now." The Marshal Replied "Roger that, Deputy were moving your way now" The duo picked up the pace slightly and within 15 minutes they had met up with the deputy and he began telling them the situation. "I fear we may be too late, all we can do at this point is search the town for anyone still here, the firefight ended shortly after my transmission." Said Deputy Masterson. They split up and searched for any sign of life, or death before suddenly Marshal shouted "Oh guys need to come here" The Deputies quickly moved over to the Marshals location, The square in front of the church within Svet. "Holy fuck man..." Exclaimed Hunter as he arrived with Bat. What they saw was something none of them could unsee, but so much wish they could. Before them was a pile of bodies, parts missing, gunshot wounds covering the lifeless bodies, it even looked like someone had tried to burn them. Some of the bodies were recognizable as people the Marshals had helped out before, the Marshal said a quick prayer for the bodies while the Deputies looked around for any sign of who had committed this atrocity. "Marshal I think you need to read this" Bat said from the hall of the church. The Marshal read the note Bat had found out loud in front of the church "Marshals, you think you can just come into this town and try and declare it a "No-fire zone"? This is OUR town and if you refuse to leave, this will continue happening, This is your only warning. -CFF" Hunter said "CFF, who the fuck are they? Chernarus Fuck Faces?" The Marshal crumbled the note and threw it into a small fire still burning in the corner "I don't know who they are...but they will pay." The Marshal said before loudly slurping down a Rasputin Kvass.
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 #4241  by HLewis
 Thu Oct 22, 2015 10:37 pm
"My god, this weather is relentless" Stated Deputy A.R. as he was sitting by a fire inside a small camp the Marshals had made near Svetlojarsk. The rain was on and off but the wind was whirling like it was about to storm, Hunter and Deputy Chronic were on watch outside just in case someone tried to sneak up on the camp, The Marshal and Deputy Do-Right were sleeping so they could be ready for the next day. "So, how was it back in Canada? Cold as fuck just like this shithole?" Hunter asked Chronic while staring off into the distance. "Yeah it was much better than here, during the summer its beautiful nice weather but during the winter it can get a little crazy" Chronic replied. "How did you end up here any-" Hunter cut himself short when he saw what appeared to be a figure moving in the distant trees. "Chronic, you see him?" Hunter asked, and Chronic nodded in reply. The duo watched the man for a bit before he stopped, turned, and looked right at them. He was too far to shout to, so they took off running straight for the man and he immediately turned and ran away from them, the Deputies gave chase, but before long had lost the man in the heavy rocks nearby. The Marshals kept vigilant eyes out for any more movement and discussed who it could've been before heading out towards Svet in search of answers. As they were approaching the nearby town of Olsha they spotted a man in the woods just outside town and Deputies Do-Right and A.R. ran off to make contact with the man in case he knew something. Deputy Do-Right ran up to the man gun raised and shouted at him to drop his weapon before yelling a slur of insults and calling the man a "Known KOS-er, Bro" until Deputy A.R. came in and calmed down the situation. The mans name was Hans, they called him Ramblin' Hans and he was convinced that the recent zombie apocalypse was cause by a man he calls the Overseer, part of a apparently secret corporation called the "Yutani Corporation" The man rambled on, traded the Marshals a AKM for some ammo, and took some blood samples before the Marshals bid farewell to him and headed off to Svet. The Marshals patrolled around Svet for a few hours, greeting people and making sure everyone stayed safe after the recent massacre, but the night was uneventful so the Marshals made their way back to camp, and what they found when they arrived was concerning to say the least.
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