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Tell your day-to-day stories here
 #6893  by [NDC]Carrion_king
 Tue May 01, 2018 9:26 pm

We came into town as intended. Octane had provided intel after discovering and infiltrating dozens of "combatant/survivor" bases. It was true, Starry Sabor was where the 3 bandits resided.

We came to town as 4. We rallied as 5. When the Chaos hit, we were pinned down and almost in grave danger...Carrion took control when one-by-one he took down all 3 of the "trade-base raiders". Then, when the LADA drove off that was with them, a 4th was spotted. This one wearing a tan coyote pack...he was tracked down by Carrion himself after firing on another [NDC] operative. Behind the fence he fell, with a contraband weapon, FAL...we we able to recover the stole goods and snuff the enemy forces that took from the [NDC] when they were raising hope and free-trade to the COLONY.

Only 1 was "shook-down" in Starry tonight. We did not get his name, but he got ours. The warning was not attack or steal from the New Day CoOperative!!! There can and will be ramifications. He was not harmed given his total compliance at the mil-checkpoint.

We will resume normal operations, and continue searching for the "Patient-Zero"! We will offer great reward for that type o-neg blood!

See you soon,

The New Day Cooperative
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