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  • Where are all the Marshals?? Afraid of ending up on youtube??

  • Two men enter, one man leaves...
Two men enter, one man leaves...
 #5159  by Merc2thaMax
heres a thought how bout you guys actually get out there a try being bandits theres plenty of prey. Its fun shooting you guys but honestly its getting stale you want us to post wanted posters of your nefarious deeds but what are you guys doing actually? all we got is the cute Crayola of pinkerton and how youre helping the community pffft some bandits you guys are your card is being pulled step it up. And Marshals got plenty of vids on youtube of you boys meeting untimely ends check em out good stuff
 #5203  by Hudson
I think it's rather swell actually to have a more peaceful bandit operation in effect. Assuming its run properly and nothing goes sour, you may end up better off holding massive groups hostage, and convincing them to self destruct, essentially.
People turn on one another so easily, its kind of interesting to see what possibilities are at hand with this game, considering a lot can be done with the available items and a thorough voice in the microphone.
A task such as this would need to be carefully planned, and executed AS planned. It would involve flanking and "trapping" or "cornering" a person(s) that are effectively unable to escape. Animals, when cornered, become very defensive, edgy, abrasive, and lose sense of surrounding social environments. This makes it hard to do almost anything crazier than 1 or 2 people at a time. However, within reason, a group of 4 or 5 can be rounded with quick, hasty cooperation within the captivator team. This also require the hostages (or future hostages) to be willing to use diplomacy to solve their situation. US-2 seems to be the only option for anything like this. (Sorry if it had little or nothing to do with the original context of this thread, just wanted to throw an idea)
 #5222  by Merc2thaMax
Hey these are some good ideas go for it man constant pvp is with no real rp reason just getting lame and idk who toaster is I take it he's a "bandit" yea? Don't worry toasty I'll get to you one day for now go suck start a shotty and don't worry bout wtf the Marshals are doing rando