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 #6700  by Copper 353
 Mon May 01, 2017 6:34 am
Hi all,
Not sure if this is anything or just a server issue, I made my weekly trip to the NW Airfield and picked up a military tent. Made my way back to my storage base and discovered that some items from my other tents were gone (which I'm cool with as it is there to help others on their way from the coast through Berezino). I placed the military tent and moved some items around. Went about my business and logged an hour or so later next to the military tent. Got back on this morning and the military tent was gone but all the items that were discovered taken previously before I place the military tent had returned to their original tent...all the other items from the NW airfield that I kept on me were still there but the tent/item layout I found appeared as if I never made the trip. Not sure if this is anything or just a server hiccup. I'm on US3.

Copper 353