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Ban appeals and general help
 #6646  by rogerrabbit130
 Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:54 am
Hey, I was banned from the colony a while ago (around July or August I think) because I was added to a group that was poaching members of the colony and adding them to their servers, unbeknownst to myself as I was barred from using any sort of technology at the time. By the time I was able to access my Facebook and Steam again I had already been banned for a month or so. I tried joining back to the servers several times before realizing that I had been banned, so I asked some people via facebook if they could talk to the admins for me. They never responded so i went to steam friends and the same deal, and I tried messaging Weyland on steam but I think I was sort of on the ban list already so my messages couldn't get through.

I pretty much gave up on it and forgot until I saw the server recently and got the lightbulb to actually go to the help desk and ask. Im willing to talk it out on teamspeak and get into more detail if need be, im just trying to get the point across that I never intended to join that community and it was done so unbeknownst to myself. I would love a chance to play on the servers again, even in non whitelisted form if need be.

I have been a supporter of the colony for a while, and i even donated on about two or three occasions. I hope any admin sees this and is willing to give me another chance.