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Ban appeals and general help
 #6555  by Owe1983
 Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:28 pm
Hello, i was banned in 18.02.2017 22.00-23,00 EU time . for accidentially shooting my new friend. We just got to Tisy military base , he just found me a new vest and bunch a zombies came on us:) we started shooting and running around as i lid up a bunch a zombies i didnt see him in with them, so he got shot by me ,as i saw him bleeding and running i just managed to yell bandage,bandage ... black screen-blablabla banned pvp.
Just before that we were talking with the Marshalls on airfield. My player name is owe19
. I really liked to playing in this server and was thinking to get whitelisted.
Please thankyou, any help ?
Server was US3.
I wish he were here to confirm it :(
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