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PostPosted:Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:25 pm
by Weyland
A really good way to expand your RP and have a ton of fun with it is by adding SFX (Sound Effects) to your game-play. If you want to start your own radio show, broadcasts, or sfx for your specific role, keep reading.

You need two apps, one is free, the other is $4.99. There are free ones, but they're much harder to use and 5 bucks probably won't flatten your coffers.

Soundpad is a virtual soundboard that's limitless, configurable, and easy to use. Load your pre-recorded bits, samples, radio shows, etc into the app and map a key-binding in the app to trigger your SFX in-game. It's $4.99 which is a steal compared to it's competitors that serve up limited capabilities and large hoops to jump through. Installation is easy, it does everything for you unlike other programs that make you manually adjust Windows Sound settings.


How do I make my pre-recorded bits, samples, or radio shows?

If you're familiar with proaudio, you can do this with your favorite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or you could get a FREE one. Audacity can do everything you need and it's FREE for PC, Mac, etc. Use your headset as a recordable input device so you don't need any hardware other than what you already own. You could even use your phone or tablet if you don't own a headset.

Audacity is a free, open source, cross-platform audio software. It's really easy to use and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube for this. You can record your own voice, samples, or drop .mp3's right into the ui for custom editing.


You're not going to limit your creativity by being bogged down with learning skills for these apps, they're that easy to use. Give it a try and have fun doing it. :party: