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 #6531  by Weyland
 Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:47 pm
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1. Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you, where he was born, what is your education. How to work in the Czech Republic? :)

SenChi: Perhaps the most difficult question in the first place. ;)

I am a humanist and humanities to the extent that even the multiplication table a long time ago flew out of my head. I am absolutely not adapted to the exact sciences.

Though, alas, fairly tried.

He was born in the 90th year, in the small town village in the Ivanovo region, Palekh, the population there is not a lot, so I do not like crowds so far. Stress somehow.

He graduated from the school 9-notch, then 4-year Applied Arts and Painting at the city. It is considered as the Secondary Education. Worked as a whole is interesting)

2. How long have held your familiarity with DayZ Standalone. You have already had experience in creating popula

SenChi: Familiarity with DayZ was accidental, was never a fan of the DayZ mod, and enough of it to a maximum of 20-30 hours. Just when I apply for a job in Bohemia interactive, I have identified the emerging team DayZ Standalone. :)

I, Dean Hall, Matt Lightfoot, Mario Ivan Bay.

We have in fact established a core which later expanded to the present staff.

Before DayZ, we, together with a team of developers working together and released the project Iron Front, which is still alive in the form of fashion for Arma 3, but that's another story :)

3. Summary your task in the development of DayZ Standalone is a mapper Chernarus. What prompted you to this kind of development? How did you come to this?

SenChi: By the design of the environment, nature and envayrmenta pushed me inability to draw people, animals and equipment. I'm serious...

Even as Art School, I completely failed in an attempt to draw something other than landscapes and houses. xD

So I just decided to do what I do best and develop these skills. Plus, it's so funny, making new worlds that exist only in your sick mind.

4. What do you think about the current situation with DayZ Standalone. Same if your opinion about the game, with the popular trend - the fact that DayZ never finish? What will be the future of the game in your opinion?

SenChi: With one hundred percent certainty we can say that the new player models is a top priority. And under the new model of the player I did not mean a new figure of the character in shorts :)

The new model is an entirely new mechanic character interaction with the environment, complete retreat from tradition personazhki A2 \ A3, brand new animation system, revised the core characters and envarymenta physics, and a lot of other cakes.

Knowing the inner workings from the inside, I can say that will bring Daze 100% to the final, I can not leave in his unfinished project portfolio;)
But it is good or bad is another question. It will be difficult to part with the project which has spent several years of his life.

5. Will all the same ground location, such as base Tisah has a door to the bunker, whether it will be completed? Will there be such a town as mine and caves?

SenChi: At this point you can not just say so, by itself as soon as the case will move off the ground then the information will appear in the status report. It is a fact.

6. Are planned to open before the end of the building? Many of both rural and urban buildings have not open the door.

SenChi: According to the plan, all of the buildings that look vhodibelnymi should be converted into vhodibelnye. That is the plan :)

7. When will be available about the construction and barrikadirovanie? Will destructible buildings?

SenChi: Regarding barrikadirovaniya difficult to say exactly when, as a priority are now several different tasks, but barrikadirovanie itself as an important element in survayva postapoke in the To Do list, just not super priority at the moment. Small objects will accurately maintain the physics (should get rid of the wretched "folding" fences and shrubs). By large buildings is suspended matter in the air. Looking for additional man-hours for 3D artists.

8. Will there be more interaction with the world and how this interaction will be implemented?

SenChi: Pretty good make the number of players interact with the outside world will come to the project with the Beta and the following major upgrade. And then we'll see :)

9. Are there other islands in the type of "Alcatraz" or "rock"?

SenChi: Hehe, a look-a

10. When are you going to enter contaminated areas? And when it begins to operate a radio station Zenit and horns in the cities?

SenChi: To begin, it is necessary to "dopushit" project until Beta stage in Steam. And then you can escape to the infected area, and on the radio, at the moment there is a working prototype of a hand-held "Wolves-talk" after Beta will have to look at what changes to make, and to give the system at the mercy of the players.

11. Is it possible in the foreseeable future, the emergence of objects with high anturazhnye, to give greater atmosphere of the game? I would like to see something like steaming helikrasham.

SenChi: How do without it. For example relief camps in the elimination of the biological threat, processed military bases, etc.

12. Where will be located in the river Chernarus and how much it will be a long and stormy?

SenChi: I can not say that the right river. But the streams are altered and it is a fact, the problem of the current streams is that it in fact, a bunch of small long "lakes" aligned with the chain "bridge" of land between them, it is necessary to change, an incredible misunderstanding. We are working on it.

13. What is your hobby? practiced what any sport, your favorite dish.

SenChi: A beep expected, but my work is at the same time, my hobby, everything that is done in geymdeva brings me delight and awaken the desire to cut it and make out to understand how it is arranged).

I engage in sports, but not some certain. Just generally, many hours sitting in one place and the endless sticking to monitor results in not the most pleasant consequences.
To avoid this, my colleagues and I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, it somehow keeps muscles toned and well for the mood it is also useful.

Since I'm an inveterate bachelor is preparing itself to itself, sometimes indulge themselves all sorts of things, sometimes one zhru buckwheat xD

All this requires the skill of cooking, so I cook a whole, too much and it can be said that this is a hobby, in a sense.

And if you choose something from a favorite, then perhaps I'm a fan of ribs, for which it is sometimes necessary to look into the pubs, at least because everything can not understand how they do this cool garlic-soy marinade.

Damn, if understand, I will no longer be ordered, and will myself to marinate and bake.

14. Thanks for the interview, at the end covet anything DayZilla subscribers and readers.

SenChi: Thank you so stay tuned, and are interested in the progress of work on the project! Below leave links to your Twitter and VK, if anyone is interested, although on very DayZ I spread a little that in the end I dare to hope that DayZ not last quite a large and popular project in which I participate.

I wish you not to lose enthusiasm, and to ignore the trolls who, over there, in the comments below are already beginning to leave their decadent mood :)

Work goes and keep up the pace and just built up.

Be sure to read the official forum, Twitter commands and regular status report :)