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Colony announcements and information
 #5843  by Weyland
Performing or using any of the following apps or procedures will get you banned. The below reasons are project specific. You can be banned on US-3 and NOT banned from the project entirely.

1. Scripting
2. Hacking
3. Game-Breaking Exploits (glitching, duping, loot farming, etc)
4. Breaching Walls (this includes tents, walls, rocks, ceilings (trader base), underground, etc, through various means)
5. Despawning Tents or Gear
6. Cheat Engine
7. Sweet Fx
8. Griefing
9. Trolling
10. Racism
11. Sexism
12. Homophobia
13. Disrespecting Staff As Well As Players
14. Attacking Players on Social Media