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Colony announcements and information
 #4723  by Weyland

To start, I would like to note that colonists play DayZ and enjoy DayZ Colony as an escape from real life. The last thing they want to do is be involved in an environment thats a hassle or not fun for them. TeamSpeak should be looked at as a pristine environment. Below are some critical rules and failure to follow these rules will result in a series of interruptions. Habitual offenders will be banned from our TeamSpeak server and possibly the project entirely.

1. Show respect
  • I’ve been getting increasing complaints of disrespect show in our TeamSpeak server. Remember, people are here to have fun.
2. Do NOT message colonists if they've killed/shot you or you have killed/shot them
  • If you’ve been robbed, killed, shot or have killed another colonist do NOT poke them or join their channel to dispute, brag, or inquire in our TeamSpeak server. Keep it in-game

3. No jumping in channels to talk trash
  • Do NOT hop into a lounge room or any room to badger or harass someone for any reason whatsoever. If you have a dispute, poke an Admin, preferably me.
4. No ghosting which includes using TS to set someone up in-game
  • Ghosting means you hear someones location in TeamSpeak and show up to rob, cheat, steal, murder, etc. TeamSpeak is also NOT for setting someone up for any reason in-game.
5. Sexist behavior
  • We have quite a few women that like to enjoy our TeamSpeak server. Men often times will resort to sexist, perverted, etc commentary because they don’t know how to act. Women come here to be treated like humans, not as sexual objects. Refrain from sexist or perverted commentary. Regarding the word rape. Rape is a very much an abused word and I don't want it used in our TeamSpeak.
6. Members only
  • Our TeamSpeak server is for whitelisted players only. If you give out our TS address or PW you will face immediate consequence. If someone is looking for our TeamSpeak information, direct them to our Whitelist Group timeline pinned post.
7. LGBT safe
  • Regardless of your beliefs, we have gay colonists whitelisted and do not want them feeling out of place here. Please refrain from calling anyone a fagg°t, h°m°, or etc.