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Colony announcements and information
 #7038  by Weyland

The DayZ Livonia PC Open Beta concluded last week, thank you so much for jumping in. It was a pleasure playing with you and seeing how you survived this new, harsh, and challenging piece of land. We have collected a lot of feedback and data – we are grateful for your help.

New Terrain, New Challenges

Livonia brings back the feeling of being lost, even the most experienced survivors may need to innovate in order to remain alive. To survive this new unfamiliar environment populated by infected, and animals – including bears, kings of the vast southern forest – players will quickly have to learn how to forage, fish, and hunt in this new wilderness to keep themselves from starving.

Behind its idyllic landscape, Livonia's late-summer climate can become hostile with heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, and low temperatures, forcing players to take shelter with enough supplies to wait it out.

This Eastern European terrain covers the southern Topolin-Nadbór region of the larger Polish-speaking country of Livonia. The new topography brings lush green landscapes, dense forests, overgrown fields, winding rivers, serene lakes, murky swamps, an array of dilapidated structures, and various remnants of an abandoned society.

Update 1.06
Livonia will be released alongside the Update 1.06 featuring new weapons and magazines (e.g., drum & high capacity), fishing, a bear(*), changes, tweaks, fixes, and even possibly the arrival of the server browser in the launcher.

The update is fully available on DayZ Experimental, and a handful of official servers are available – we invite you to hop in to try it out.

Livonia Release
First of all, due to the nature of the additions to the game, we aren't ready to announce a final release date for DayZ Livonia and the Update 1.06, although it's scheduled for the upcoming weeks, simultaneously on all three platforms(**).

All we can tell at the moment is that the price will be under €15. The final prices will be announced later.

PS: Some of you may have seen November 13 as the release date but as mentioned on Twitter, someone got a bit too excited. We will keep the date a secret until the very last minute.